Hmmm…what an awesome student!

So, with all the excitement of feeling a bit busy (totally stressed out about tomorrow, perspective, it’s all about perspective) I completely forgot that my driving teacher gave me homework for tomorrow. So at 11pm I have no other choice but to do it, would have done it tomorrow right before driving but I have planned my day from the moment I wake up until I sit down on the train to Gotham City, no room for error!Book

So after making myself some proper study food (was told in class today that you burn a lot of energy when studying so you have to ensure to replenish) I sat down with my little book;Yum

And on a side note, I think it’s a sure sign that the microwave is dying when after seven minutes the micro-pop bag still looks like this;Micro pop (2)

Good thing my parents thought me to make them the old fashioned way;Popcorn in a pot

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