Always look at the bright side of life

Finally, a busy day! Part 2

I left you with me getting ready to eat my lunch, nothing complicated at all, my trusted fall-back buddy (and I needed to finish of the milk I had in the fridge) pasta in white sauce. I was considering having a guessing competition on this picture, then I realized that it might kill my want for ever eating this dish ever again, so I stopped myself.LunchThen it was full speed a head making sure that my home is properly prepared for the homecoming sometime Sunday night, just small things like making sure all the dishes are done;DishesThat the bed is made with clean sheets, not much beats coming home crawling into a bed with clean sheets;Made bedThen of course garbage removal, don’t worry I haven’t taken a picture of my garbage or the garbage room. Once I felt comfortable with the home it was packing time.Packing in progress Can’t say that packing for a few days in Gotham city is the most complicated thing, the amazing thing here was that the packing was done around 2pm and I wasn’t aiming to leave until 5:08, don’t know if this have ever, ever happened before!PackingThe whole reason for the early packing was an afternoon driving lesson and me not wanting to arrive to Gotham too late. The lesson today went awesome, my usual teacher wasn’t there so I got to drive with another dude who let me drive on the fast roads, it was oh so fun! Me, the car and 110km/h, not much that beats that. Now all I have to do is to get the damn license (would have been easier if I could have remembered to bring the book with me to read on the train) so I can get my own car and go flying when ever I want to.

The driving went a bit late getting stuck in the afternoon traffic with everyone trying to get home from work, so I also had to fly on the bike to get home, pick up my stuff and rush of to the train station. While I’m walking my phone rings and it turns out that it’s one of the recruitment agencies that are looking for temp staff, I now find myself doing a quick interview over the phone while trying to walk quickly and not huff and puff too much at the same time. I think it went well, she will forward my info to someone who will give me a call and book an interview, score!

I am still on the phone when trying to buy a ticket for the train, card number one – declined! Card number two – declined! How do I end this conversation in a good way, without her hearing the panic in my voice. What happened to the little money I have left? Trying card no 1 again – declined! At this point I call my sister and pretty much beg her to transfer money to my swedish account so I can get the ticket, at this point there are ten minutes to departure time (of course I could take the next train, it’s only an hour later, but who wants to do this).

Waiting for my sister to transfer the money I’m standing at the machines, noticing that no one can pay with their cards, and realize that it doesn’t have that much to do with my bank balance. Rush to the other side of the train station, find an ATM, get cash out, get my ticket out of the machine the same minute the train was to depart. Lucky me the train was a few minutes late! Awesome!

Sitting down on the train, wind down time begins! The travel in it self is probably a whole blog post that I can’t be bothered writing, so here goes;Chocolate Mag

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