Always look at the bright side of life

Finally, a busy day! Part 3

What? You thought my busy day ended when I arrived in Gotham at 20:15? Well you were wrong, it didn’t!

My mother and aunt came and picked me up at the train, and then after we parked the car, we took a stroll in town. At the moment Göteborg’s Cultur Festival is on which mean concerts, performances and crap food. Our first stop was for a quick dinner as all I had today was my very advanced lunch and a chocolate bar. I now know that it is possible to fail with pulled pork, didn’t think so before (it looks better on the photo then it did in real life).DinnerI was then informed that one of the Swedish little cute boys were performing later that evening, so we made our way to the stage. He’s not one of my favourites but it’s always nice with some live music and quality time with the family, and then there was a surprise. We had a Gotham player in the team that won the Stanley cup this year, and you know what that means? He gets to show of the trophy in his home town! I never expected to be this close to such an icon as this specific trophy, a rare moment indeed;Stanley cup tropheeUnfortunately it was impossible to take a picture directly of the stage as all the backlight ruined the photo-op, so I have to be satisfied with a picture of the big screen. It doesn’t matter, I was there and I will remember it.

Then the music started, and the young girls screaming, if you want to check him out all you have to do is YouTube Darin, he has an awesome voice I just think that his songs aren’t good enough. There is a couple of good ones and the rest just feel like something they made to fill out an album.DarinNow I’m back home on the couch, feeling quite tired guessing that I will be able to fall asleep before 4am, thus making it easier to get up early tomorrow morning. I would say that project returning-to-normal-hours is right on track!

I’ll leave you with a Gotham icon;Gotham

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