A chill weekend in Gotham

So busy day part 1, 2 and 3 lead up to the beginning of a long weekend in Gotham, packed with family, friends and mummy time – in short a pretty awesome time.

Lunch with mother dearest and grandmotherLunch with mum and grandma (4)Lunch with mum and grandmaLunch with mum and grandma (2)Lunch with mum and grandma (3)

Night in town with mother, sister and live musicMum and sister

Babysitting the oldest niece for a whole dayBabysitting (2) Babysitting (3) Babysitting

Watching Sweden kick Denmark’s butt on the river of GothamFighting

And this is just some parts!

I have made an effort lately to keep the phone in the bag, not taking a picture of every meal I eat or every beautiful view I see. Instead I want to enjoy the meal, the view and the wonderful company. One of the reasons I am doing this, is because it felt like I reached a point where if I didn’t take a picture of something, it didn’t happen. And that is not true! Not being able to post pictures of my life on Facebook, Twitter or here on the blog doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen, it just means that I had more time to enjoy the moment rather than being busy making it for-ever.

It’s not only the photos, it’s also the computer. On the train home today I spent three hours and eleven minutes pretty much with my nose in a book listening to classical music rather than pulling out the computer, surfing the internet and updating the blog. It felt good!

Don’t worry, I wont stop sharing the awesome moments of my life! Just maybe just little bit less of it, or more in writing than pictures. We’ll see!

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