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A good start to the week

Monday mornings are usually tough, at least when you are working and have to drag yourself out of that cosy bed to start another working week. For me, this Monday was good, I woke up before the alarm so I could with good conscience lie in bed, listen to the radio and just enjoy the opportunity of slowly waking up to a new day. I also managed to sit down for breakfast before getting ready for my class.


The coffee was made straight into my thermo mug and brought with me to class.

I really enjoy the class and it make me feel ready to start studying again, and if you haven’t figured it out yet I’m counting down the days until the fall semester start and I can start studying for real (even if the whole money issue haven’t been resolved yet).

At the moment I’m enjoying my couch trying to not feel too sorry for myself because I have a very sore throat, something I belive I have because last week I mentioned to my mum that I pretty much haven’t been sick since I stopped working. Instant Karma, or spending time with my nieces, either one. The classes in school have kick-started my brain a bit and I’m now trying to think out another project for me to throw myself into, it’s been a bit slow with those here on the blog lately.

I have a couple of ideas, lets see what happens with them!

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