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Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming…

The main reason for me being in Gotham this past weekend was the second part of the Göteborg Classic that me and my brother in-law signed up to. The first part, biking, was completed a few months back and a piece of cake.

Part two was swimming 1000 meters in a lake, and waking up, looking out the window was not a hit as the skies were grey and the rain kept pouring down. Not really sure why rain is such an issue when you are going swimming, I mean seriously; am I worried about getting wet?

Every good sports person know that it’s important to start the day with a good breakfast when it’s competition time, and so do I! Know that you should, I mean, it’s just that coffee is so darn good.BrekkieAnother important part when going swimming is the hat, so they hand them out to you before the race, and I have to say it was pretty cool, and I found myself very sexy in it.Hat Da sexy chick!When we reached the place for the race, I have to say that the lane looked pretty intimidating, and very long. However, one can do anything, right?The LaneThen it was time, I was already to go, ready to do this and get that awesome feeling when you reach the finish line and really accomplished something. That’s when it hit me, I have this small issue with water, not super comfortable with it and I guess that over the past few months since I signed up for this it never crossed my mind that even in a lake the water can get choppy and terrifying. Well it can and it didn’t take long before I felt the panic start rising. Since my brother in-law was swimming at the same time, he was right next to me and I told him what was happening. It felt a bit comforting hearing his voice next to me, as he informed me of the plan at that was aiming for the first floaty, and that I could hold on to him if I had to.

Seriously people, at this point it felt like the water was going to swallow me and I was so sure that I was going to drown right there and then. I tried grabbing the in-law once but didn’t feel very reassured by that so I just focused all I could on safety and the flotation string in the middle! And I made it! The panic didn’t disappear completely but I did feel a bit safer, hanging on to that one while waiting for a boat to come and pick me up and then take me back to shore.

I was pissed of at my self as well as disappointed when I got back in, I really wanted to do this and I am not good at accepting defeat. However, when the worst of the anger and disappointment had worn of I started making a plan for next year, because yes, I will absolutely do it again! The plan is pretty basic, firstly I will try to practice swimming in this lake a few times before the race, secondly, the biggest mistake I did this year was starting out on the wrong side so I ended up to far away from safety. So next year I will make sure that I start on the left and keep very close to the floaties from the start, then I know it’s there and that I can just grab on to it the moment I feel I need it. Finally, I hope for better weather!

Hey, at least I got to go in a boat today!

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