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Meet August! (sensitive persons be warned!)

I don’t think that I have properly introduced my new roommate that moved in a while back, so here goes; Meet August!August

She is actually a girl, we just didn’t know that when she joined our family years and years ago, then we figured it out. I guess that the fact spider web started to be made in the terrarium was a hint and then that she is still alive. In her species the females out lives the males with about 25 years or so, I think the males become around five years.

It also means that I am responsible for another being than myself, so meet August’s dinner;DinnerIt’s real nice to have someone to talk to during the days!

5 thoughts on “Meet August! (sensitive persons be warned!)

      1. Am I right in thinking that you’re not supposed to touch tarantulas more than strictly necessary, or is that just some species?

        And what species is Miss August? 😉


        1. It’s a Grammostola Rosea or several other names depending on where in the world you are, in Sweden we just call it an Chilean Tarantula. It’s one of the nicer ones, when I was helping out at a spider petting zoo back in the days this was the species used as it’s a quite slow one (unless hungry and on the hunt) and easy to handle.


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