Life In General

A productive morning

This morning I managed to get my stuff together and head down to the school library for a study session, I did so because they had the assigned book for my class and I’m happy I did. It is a great library, much better for studying or having some quiet time than the public library and I think maybe a few meters closer to my home as well.StudyingI will admit that the view might get a bit distracting, it’s easy to look out the window and get distracted while caught in a daydream, it’s a chance I’m willing to take!View View (2) ShelvesAfter finishing the part of my exam I could without my computer, I tried out one of the new study techniques that I learnt on the driving book, so I got some of that read as well. Leaving the library I thought I deserved a little reward for a job well done, and decided to try out a new sushi place that I had my eyes on for a while. With decent prices (unusual for Malmö sushi) and a nice look about it, I had high hopes for a new favorite food place, good sushi places are something that Malmö is lacking.LunchLooks real good, doesn’t it! But boy what a disappointment, too much dry rice that just grew in my mouth when I was chewing and to be honest I didn’t manage to eat all of them. When I left the restaurant the rice was like a big lump in my tummy, and I know for sure that I will never go back. A word of warning, if you come to Malmö and are looking for sushi, stay away from Kyoto Sushibar.

After the disappointing lunch I headed to the post office to pick up a package of books, one being the next book club book and the other one being the third book in a most amazing series of books about how it was being HIV positive and sick in AIDS in Sweden in the beginning of the eighties, I have read both book 1 and book 2 earlier and have been waiting with excitement for the third installment.New booksThe day didn’t end there though, after the first book pick-up, I went for a second one. One of the girls in my book club is in possession of anotehr series of books that I’m reading, so I swinged by her office to pick up the next one. Unfortunately today she had to work, so no coffee break. I’ll survive though as I’m back home on the couch typing up the exam questions that I answered at the library and will make an attempt on completing the whole thing today. Imagine if I could actually finish something on a Thursday that are not due until Monday!

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