Hypnotisören – Kepler

A while back I read the book The Sandman by Kepler due to the online book club a Swedish morning paper had, of course it turned out that this was the latest book in a series of books about the finish-Swedish police officer Joona Linna. As it turned out one of the girls in my Irl book club here in Malmö had all the previous books, so I’m now borrowing them of her one after one, and have now read the first one The Hypnotist.

ShakyI apologize for the shaky picture, didn’t realize it was that bad when I took it and now I have already returned the book and received the next one, thus we are stuck with shaky picture.

I like this one better than the previous two I read, main character Mr Linna is more human and real in this one, the story line is still way out there and one can wonder where they get it all from (behind the name Kepler a woman and a man are hiding, writing the books together), not very believable. However when I read this type of books, a crime is committed and someone is to figure out who did it, I don’t need to belive. I’m not reading them for an intellectual challenge where I start questioning the question of why. For me these kind of books are relaxation, where a part of the brain can take a short vacation and the body can just relax.

So what’s it about? A family is found murdered with one survivor; the son. A doctor that used to, but no longer, use hypnosis to treat people is called in to help in trying to figure out what the boy saw. From there on the now and the past is linked together in order to arrive in the future where the bad guy is caught (sorry, spoiler alert). As a story, as make belive, it is believable and I liked it, and since I already told you I returned this one and got the next one, you already know that I will be reading that one to.

I still recommend them if you like the crime genre, and I want to remember checking last time that they are available in other languages than Swedish, like English for example.

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