I got an idea…

I can see on my stats that I have people from all over the world stopping by this blog, reading it. And as I’m getting back into my old reading habits I’m constantly looking for new books to read and would like to broaden my horizon a bit by reading books other than Swedish and american written ones.

So, my peeps that are reading this blog, are you keen on an online book club? I was thinking I could start a separate blog from this for the purpose, where we could take turns suggesting books to read, preferable by writers from our own countries (or the country we happen to live in) that have been translated into English. Doesn’t have to be new books, some of the old classics would work as well.

The idea would be that once a month, one person introduce the book, the rest of us would try to get our hands on it, read it and during the month we give input and comments on what we think about it. Sounds good?

I wouldn’t enforce any strict rules on attendance or anything, anyone is welcome and if you can’t read a book a month it’s ok if you stop by when you can.

Let me know if you are interested and I set it up 🙂 Just make a note in the comments field or send me a mail through the contact form found here.


I liked my idea so much, that I decided to go ahead with it (that’s just how I work), you can find it here.

4 thoughts on “I got an idea…

  1. You reminded me that I once had a plan to read systematically a few books, even if childrens, from a list of countries I was interested in knowing about. I’ll follow and see how your club shapes up. 🙂


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