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The mental preparation have begun

So I am a smoker, one of the few ones that are left in Sweden, this country (as many others) is doing a very good job at excluding smokers and setting regulations in such a way that people quit. I don’t believe in trying to dictate to people what they should and shouldn’t do, if we choose to do something that is bad for us, we should be allowed to do so and then of course deal with the consequences of our choices. I also believe that once they have done all they can to get people to quit the smoking they are going to go after the alcohol, it’s bad for you as well (remember where you heard that one first when you are sitting there making your own booze because the government said you can’t buy it anymore).

However, one of my main things I have said over the past few years, is that if I can’t afford to smoke, I will quit. I will not cut down on food and having fun so that I can smoke. With the whole being unemployed thing the budget has gotten quite tight and to be honest the smoking is no longer in my budget so unless I get a job during the next week, it’s time for me to own up to my own words and quit.

I can’t say it is something I’m looking forward to, it’s good company to have while just hanging out by myself most of the time, and it gives me a natural break every now and then from what ever sad thing I’m doing at the moment. However life is as life is and it just have to be done.

I kindly ask my friends and family to refrain from comments such as “it’s about time” or “finally” or anything down that line, and I also ask you to refrain from comments if I happen to have the occasional slip, they are most likely going to happen as I’m not 100% dead set on doing it right now.

I will attempt it, and do my best!

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