Study skills

A first visit to get to know eachother

As like anyone have managed to miss that I just attended a short summer school paper in study techniques, well if you did – I did, and I figured I was going to show what a mature student I am and actually use some of them. And as everything that happens in my life, you – my dear reader, will be given an insight in it, whether you want it or not.Comfy

The one that I had a look at today is related to how I’m supposed to work with the reading, as we all know there is plenty of reading something called books, required when you study, and according to my teacher this is one good way of approaching this dauntless task,

  1. Overview
  2. Planning your studies
  3. In depth overview
  4. Quick reading
  5. In depth reading
  6. Questions
  7. Repetition

So we’ll see about this!

Today, it was overview time and in my notes I wrote down that this was about becoming acquainted with the book, so that it doesn’t feel scary or overwhelming. Since purchasing these books are not in my budget at the moment (still waiting for those student loan people to get back to me) the library saved my day. The uni library here in Malmö did carry two of the three required books as reference books (that mean that no one can take them home), so I went to the library to start what hopefully will be a long and giving relationships with these books.

Because school is school obviously the seven steps above are split into smaller steps, and I learnt in class that we remember something better if we illustrate it (something about using both left and right part of the brain), thus I will illustrate the initial steps in creating a closer relationship with a book.

1. You read the back of the bookBack

2. You read the table of contentsContents3. You look at the introduction and/or preface

No picture available

4. Flick though the book and look at headers and pictures (none of these books had pictures, kind of sad)Text

Now you know the book! Apparentlety this should help you next time, when you actually pick up the book to read it. All in all, this took me half an hour for both books (good thing because I got to the library 30 minutes before it closed), did it do me good?

I don’t have the answer to that question, guess we will see as I move further into the dark forest of university studies.

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