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The Swedish Goddess doubtful lunch

I can be quite lazy when it comes to cooking sometimes and just want to make something quick and easy, and by the end of the day fish with mashed potatoes and veggies should be a very healthy serving of food – or maybe not. I don’t think this version is the best kind as it is processed fish in the form of Fish fingers with powder mash and a frozen mix of peas, corn and pepper. It is food though and it falls within the 10sek per meal budget.

It’s pretty easy, heat the pan and add a dollop of butter, add the fish fingers to fry. While doing this make the mash as per the instructions on the package and at the same time reheat the veggies (I usually pour them in a glass, add some water and nuke them in the microwave until hot).

The result can then look something like this;Food

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