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What a feeling

I had one thing that I just had to finish this weekend, which is why my apartment looks very tidy, I had to complete the exam paper that is due tomorrow. I wanted it finished tonight because I didn’t want to have to set my alarm tomorrow morning and get up to finish it last-minute. As I am the master of procrastination, I didn’t get that far after the kick-start I had on Thursday, and as I mentioned the apartment looks tidy, so when my friend asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie, I said yes if it’s ok that I bring my laptop and finish, it was.

Of course there were distractions at her place as well, just not as bad and as big, and also she was sitting next to me, pushing me gently along, so I finished it. At ten pm I had submitted the paper and was done. I’m not the type of person that finish things ahead of time, I’m the kind of person that kind of finish things at the last-minute, so this is a special moment for me.

And it feels good!! I even had to call my mum and tell her; I think she was impressed 🙂

Now fingers crossed that I pass the paper to, then I know I’m set to take on the real thing when the semester starts on the second of September.

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