Quality of Life

She went to Copenhagen!

It’s been a bit quiet this week, mainly because I went to Copenhagen for a mini vacation before school starts, just to catch up with people who I haven’t seen in a while. Da Teacher was nice enough to act as hotel, and she did a real good job at it, Miss Legal now have some competition for “The Best Hotel In Copenhagen” title.

There could also be more pictures, I’m still trying to stick with not taking pictures of everything I eat and do, instead I’m trying to enjoy the moment, so some random pictures are included – enjoy!

The adventure started on Tuesday where I met up at the old After-work beer place for a couple of cold ones with the old after-work crowd, to then head to one of all the big nice parks in Copenhagen. Not for a quiet afternoon but to cheer the brave runners in the DHL race on. This is a yearly event that I actually participated in last year, 5k running in front and together with all your co-workers and other people’s co-workers. After cheering a little bit there, me and Da Teacher had some us time before she hit the sack and I moved on, ending up meeting a Scottish guy that is now unfortunately back in Scotland, however we are still e-mailing with each other, how knows!People running (4)

Day two meant me sleeping in a bit, hanging out a bit at Da Teachers place (unfortunately she had to do something called working) before heading back to the park to cheer on a former colleague. I couldn’t stay that long since Miss Legal had the decency to have her birthday the week I was around, so we could meet up for dinner together with her boyfriend. In celebration of us meeting each other six years ago over pink drinks, we also had to have one of those (I promise, it’s pink!)Pink drink

Day three, guess what! I slept late, hanging out at the hotel for a bit before heading back to the park! This day it was my old company running, so I got to chat with plenty of my old colleagues. It’s nice for your ego to hear how missed you are because you did such a good job! It was also a good way of meeting loads of them, it’s impossible to squeeze all of them in just five days.

Day four, not that much sleeping in, depending on what you compare with, as I was meeting Miss Paraguay for lunch. It was nice to have a little sit down. Then the plan was to find a cafe, have a coffee, read my book and just enjoy being in Copenhagen. Smart me, of course forgot the book at home and simply just returned there while waiting for Da Teacher to finish work so we could meet up for another session. This session ended in a possible return to my old quiz mistress career. There was some so maybe not politically correct pictures taken of me. An art opening where I fell madly in love with a painting that with my current status can not for the life of me afford. Another dinner again with Miss Legal and her boyfriend (that’s twice in one week, awesome) that unfortunately made me blow my Copenhagen budget, before heading home to crash.Candle

Saturday and day five started with me being a tad bit spoilt as apparently the hotel come with weekend breakfast served. Then there was chill time with pizza before the time had come for me to return home.Brekkie

And awesome week with good friends and just fun times. Today is spent recovering and preparing for tomorrow, school is starting and I’m quitting smoking – both take some planning and mental preparation, and yes there is also a job interview in the afternoon.

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