Phew what a day it ended up to be!

The day started in a nice way, I woke up an hour before my alarm went of so I had plenty of time to enjoy my brekky, coffee and lying on the couch reading my book, all before it was time to head out.

I thought I had given myself ample time at the train station to update the monthly pass on my card, being early first day of class is just fine as I thought I could take some pictures (big, old, beautiful, school buildings) for the blog and just sit read my book. I was wrong!

On my way to the train station it started raining, just a little, it was fine, the train station isn’t that far away, etc. I get in and see a massive amount of people gathered around the ticket office, and after forcing myself in through the doors I realize that they are all standing in line. I get my number, and am informed that it will be 32 minutes before it’s my turn, I am not happy, it’s borderline, still fine.

Then I start digging around my purse for my card and realize that it’s not there, remembering that when going to CPH I just put it in the bag, not the purse. So here I have to get on the bike and go back home, time wise it’s ok, rain wise not so ok. Now the heaven completely opens up, good thing is I can get my raincoat for the next day, and then return to the station. So, it turns out that I had totally miscounted on exactly how many students wanting to get their student passes issued today, so 30 minutes later there was still not a chance for me to meet a teller and I had to give up, pay for a ticket and go of to Lund.

Of course I am now on a much later train than was planned, it’s actually such a late train that I need to jump on a bus rather than trying to find my way walking. There was no doubt in mind that if I had known the path, the walk would have been quicker, and boy would it have! As I get out of the train, I see a bus no 4 at the bus stop, the stop that should be in the right direction according to the map on the little app I have on my phone. Wrong! apparently the bus I was supposed to get on had its stop around the corner, so here I was going in the wrong direction, having to get of the bus and then back in the other direction.

Needless to say, I was late for class, missed the important info and had to stand up because all the seats were taken, over accepting some dear university?

At least the session ended early so I didn’t also have to sneak out early to make it on time for the job interview, not so early that I had the time to wait for another full ticket office to clear for me to buy my monthly pass, so again I had to pay for a ticket. The interview, after all that ended up going pretty well. It’s not a given job, it’s the she will definitely be on the look-out for temp job for me, and she even had some current clients in mind, so fingers crossed! I’m kind of sick of not having money now.

After going home for lazy early dinner, I went back to the train station and finally got the pass sorted, being lucky getting my hands on a number someone left behind, apparently people had to wait for two hours before it was their turn, I got away with twenty minutes. They also reimbursed me for one of the tickets that I had to buy today, acceptable, I mean I could have sorted the pass out yesterday.

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