2013 Challenges · Quitting Smoking

The big day!

At 12:40 am this morning I had what should be my last cigarette for a long time (prob until I’m under the influence of alcohol together with a smoking friend the next time);IMG_0002Since I love seeing progress I have also downloaded two quit smoking apps, two because I couldn’t make up my mind on which was the best (if you have any good recommendations let me know), so this is how it looked at 12:41 am;

Screenshot_2013-09-02-00-41-34 Screenshot_2013-09-02-00-41-42

It’s funny, because one of them is very american; you can’t tell the app that your money is in another currency so one of my achievements is Footlong, as the money saved is based on what I pay for a pack in swedish crowns (trust me I’m not close to a Footlong yet), the app just think it’s dollars.
Whoop whoop
Now the time has ticked on, and despite a stressful day with plenty of frustration, I managed to chew on my carrots and stay away from purchasing smokes (was so sure that I took a picture of my chopped carrots this morning, totally confused), so now there is some action on the apps and my health is apparently improving.

After (2) After Health (2) Health

Another thing I realized this morning, is that those horrible dishes that I just can’t stand doing might be my best friend over the coming days, as they keep my hands busy and are kind of therapeutic when all you want is one of those little cancer sticks.Dishes

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