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How’s the quitting going?

I will admit that the status on my quitting smoking is totally dependant on how you see it. For me personally it’s a success, for my non-smoking family and friends maybe not so good, for my former smoking friends it’s acceptable,

I did real good until Friday afternoon when me and a few of my fellow classmates sat down for beer, and as I mentioned last week, I didn’t have any expectations on dealing too well with the situation. It also happened that way that I sat down with a bunch of the last smokers in the country, so I admit to smoking. I quit again when I left the bar and got on the train to Gotham.

I then also re-set one of the quit smoking apps that I have on my phone (I knew it was a good idea to have two!) so one of them show status from the first day I quit and the other one show the time elapsed from, well, last night. Me and a couple of the fellow study-buddies might have celebrated my new job a bit.Screenshot_2013-09-10-20-49-07

However, I did quit again the moment I sat on the train home and have not smoked all day today, I’m also drinking tea right now, which might explain the matter!

I will not feel bad for falling in twice, and I feel proud of myself for keep not smoking during my sober hours, so by the end of the day it’s all about being sober more often than not, and I think I can manage that 🙂Screenshot_2013-09-10-20-49-20

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