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So this is how the other side lives!

My life as a bored unemployed person have been over for a while now, first classes started and then I got the job. This mean that I’m a full-time student and a part-time worker, and still I have all this time on my hands, amazing really.

At my old job, we worked at lot, we worked all the time, we worked when we weren’t at work because we had phones with our mails in them and that people could use to reach us all the time. We would work from home in the evening in front of the tv, we would work during the weekends, hey I would even work on the train to and from work.

And then there was the train, it was a 45 minute ride, if things went like they should, to and from work everyday plus the time to and from the train, at least an hour each way. So even if you left work in a decent hour, it didn’t mean that you were home in a decent hour.

I still commute, to school, the train takes ten minutes; you barely have time to sit down before you are there and everything in Lund (where I am studying) is close since it’s a small place. I also have to go to work, that doesn’t happen everyday  though because I only work part-time, however going to work mean that I’m getting on my bike and have a nice lovely ride thorough my favorite park (that I have blogged about more than once here on this very blog). If I keep a normal pace it take about five minutes, if I go slow (which I prefer) it take about eight!

With all this, I have time on my hands to do other things than just work, I think it was normal people refer to as a life. It’s a strange feeling, because it’s different from the time I had on my hands when I was a bored unemployed person because now I know that there are things to come and I’m allowed to enjoy it. Now I just have to figure out what I want to do with this precious time. Do I really want to do anything with it? Maybe I should just spend this magical free time with doing nothing at all.

All in all life is good at the moment, I have the best of two worlds, work and study. Working is alluring though, being in the office in front of that computer with my excel sheets, reconciliations, calculations and problem solving. I need to decide if I want to remain as it is, life as normal people live it, or go back to the old workaholic me that lived for work.

Since I don’t have to make up my mind right now, I will just keep enjoying life as it is.

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