On the train again

After another weekend at home I’m now back on the loathed train, hopefully all will go well today and I’ll be home on time.


Since the last train from Gotham to Malmö today is quite empty, I can do the comfy style where the shoes goes and I throw my legs up on the seat across 🙂 travelling in style.

Except for all the books in my bag, I also have two mags that should last me all the way down;


I also have a little healthy picnic;


Chips, dip and diet coke, all part of my 7:2 diet.

If I get home on time and get the sleep I need, I’m planning on starting my new life tomorrow! I need to get back into the running as I have a 10k race in little more than a month. Thus the plan is to get up early and go for a run before my class tomorrow morning, let’s see how that work out.

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