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Did I really think I would?

Monday morning and I thought I would manage to get up early to go for a run and sort out lunch for the day, allow me to laugh, a lot!

I never get to sleep in time after the late train, I’m way to energetic for that, and last night was no different. So this morning was spent snoozing before I pretty much had to run out the door in order to make it for class on time. Pat on the shoulder for still making coffee to bring rather than visiting ma boys at the 7/11.

Still trying to be a good girl I stopped by the grocery store on my way back yo Malmö, figuring I get a pie and some salad there and it will be loads cheaper than buying ready-made food. I might have gone a bit crazy with the salad though…oops.


Oh well, if it’s too much for lunch I can always use it for dinner; after I’ve been for a run! Yes still planning to do that.

Now onwards to work, yey!

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