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Good morning!

I tried to snooze this morning, I really did, my body was awake and hungry so I had no choice other than getting up and eat. After a small accident, don’t think I’m supposed to operate food at this time of the day, the food was on the table.



Now I’m sitting at my kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee before it’s time to head to work.

This might turn out to be a good day!

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Wow, I slept! I actually went to sleep around midnight last night without twisting and turning for hours first. I guess getting up at seven, working all day, only having one cup of coffee during the whole day and eating a proper meal might have helped.

Still, even if the alarm was set, I didn’t manage to get up the one hour before I had to, I guess I needed to get the rest. So no morning walk with coffee, or breakfast or anything healthy like that, on time for work without feeling hung over like you do when you’ve been on a two-day bender though, which was nice.

Pretty morning


It wasn’t super easy to get to work this morning, even if most of the branches I encountered in the park yesterday had moved, some were still in place;End of the roadLuckily there was room to pass on the left side, going back to then move forward would have made me late. It was a bit of a rush out the door this morning, and once you start rushing it kind of just gets worse because you forget where you out your coffee, where your shoes are (on your feet because you put them on before you remembered that you made coffee to bring) etc. I’m very proud to announce that I made it to work with both my coffee and lunch;Coffee Lunch

The whole day has been spent with an intense focus on different excel sheets with different contents, the best kind of day where the only reason you realize it’s time to go home is because the computer gets grumpy and require a re-start.

After two days of nine to fiveing it, I’m feeling like a person again, I wish it could stay this way, I know it can’t because after tomorrow it’s back to being a student in the worst kind of way – exam time! Trust me this time it wont go to well at all. Last nights visit got cancelled due to storm, tonight’s visit got cancelled because once I came home from work via the grocery store and dinner was cooked and eaten, it was just too late.

And no, not much studying gets done at home! Loads of dishes and some cleaning did however, and right now that feels better.Dinner

I know it’s a small portion, it’s just that I might have accidentally snacked a lot while cooking it, so I wasn’t that hungry once it was finished. However, meat patties, potatoes and a yum, yum brown sauce. It turned out awesome, good thing since it’s gonna be my lunch for tomorrow (as long as I remember to bring it).

I’m now on a couch, enjoying some chamomile tea (as per Latte Mums orders) getting ready to hit the sack soon, maybe tomorrow there will be a morning walk!


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Thwarted plans

Every now and then they warn for this big storm moving towards Sweden, and most of the times nothing comes out of the storms, they pretty much die on the way here. So today, when they were warning for a big storm I didn’t really think that much about it and made my plans in normal fashion, starting with going grocery shopping straight after work.Veggies

Well, plans don’t always work out the way you want them to! 30 minutes before it was time to leave the office, I packed up my stuff and headed on home, because the wind had picked up so much that it was better to be safe than sorry. And already then, the park was full of branches on the ground that no longer were attached to their trees. I considered stopping to take a couple of pictures, then I thought again and realized that more branches were falling down, and I didn’t want one of them falling on me. So I do what any responsible grown-up person would do, I biked home as quick as I could, and arrived home safely.Mash

However, those home-made meatballs with mashed potatoes and a glass of cold milk that I have been craving for all day have to wait, as none of the ingredients could be found in my home. Instead I had to go digging in the freezer and cupboards, and trust me, they are not as magical anymore as they used to be. That is a conscious choice from my side – thinking it more cost efficient to clean it out instead of running to the store buying more food all the time. And it works, I haven’t had to spend that much money on food lately, down side is that there are not that much room for emergencies.Fish sticks

Well, some food is better than none, and I even cooked enough for lunch tomorrow, just have to remember to bring it to work.The plate

Well, there’s also no trip to the library tonight, but lets all pretend that I’ve been studying at home!

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In my hurry to get ready for work this morning, the thought of lunch did not cross my mind what so ever. Thus when lunch time came I had to go get myself some food, though job but it had to be done! So with a borrowed umbrella I headed to the local shopping center where they have a small food court (my Italian colleague showed it to me last week) with Thai, salads, pizza and of course sushi.

In the past my experiences of Malmö sushi haven’t been that great, I generally find it overpriced and not that good. Today was different! The price was fair, they didn’t charge Mr extra for only wanting salmon and the miso soup was to die for, the little I got.

I managed to spill more than half of the soup all over the table, typical Monday stuff! But it was yum, all of it, I would def go back there.

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Something I didn’t write on my seven list for this week, but something I want to do is post at least one post a day. I miss the blog you see, and it’s no fun at all to be too tired to finish a post – I have several drafts that have been started but never completed 😦

This morning I’m finding myself on another early morning train;


After what I found was a less than satisfactory result on my Saturday activities I decided to drown my sorrows on the other side of the bridge. For some reason, on dark Sunday night’s, postponing the trip home to Monday morning always seem like a good idea – never so on Monday morning when I have to get up at 7 am to make it to work or class. Thank god for coffee!


This morning it’s work, I got three days of nine to five work ahead of me, really looking forward to that as I believe it will give me some routine that can help me sleep. It might even make me feel normal, because I have to admit that I’m over this studying thing and would kill for a full-time job.

Silly really, much always want more!

Now I’ll enjoy the rest of ny train ride in the company of a good companion;


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Something has to be done

So after being unemployed for a long time, I moved on to being a full-time student and just for the fun of it I added a part-time job in to the mix. Based on my past, I’m still not that busy and I have plenty of spare time, it’s just that I went from zero to two hundred percent in no time and I seem to have serious problems adjusting.

The biggest problem I have, and according to me it’s a pretty big one, is sleeping. I’ve spent so many months being awake to well after midnight without issue, so now I can’t fall asleep in time. Once I do sleep, I sleep well, it’s just that I can’t sleep half the day away (some days anyhow) so I just don’t get the sleep I need. That have impact on the rest of my life, as I can’t do things to the best of my ability because of the lack of sleeping.

I feel like I lost the ball in most areas of my life, as I’m not in control (and for a control freak, that is pretty important) and I think that the first and biggest step towards getting back on track is to sort out my sleeping habits. I’m not 100% sure on how to do that, so any tip or recommendation is more than welcome, However, I feel it’s time for another seven, so here goes – seven things I’ll try to do this week in order to get some normal sleeping habits;

  1. Have a proper dinner each night, around six o’clock and then no more eating for the rest of the night. I have heard that eating close to bedtime makes it harder to sleep. Oh well, maybe some snacks as well after that (only putting that in because I’m going to Gotham and I know that there will be snacks available in mothers home). If you are lucky this means that there will be Swedish Goddess postings this week, yey!
  2. Set the alarm for one hour earlier than the time I really have to get up, and go for a morning walk togheter with some nice hot coffee. It might be an issue on Tuesday morning though as there is a small hurricane warning, so mabe I can manage some yoga instead that day.
  3. No coffee after four o’clock! (think that might speak for itself)
  4. Try to get on top of my household chores, it’s messier than usual at home (and those who know me well knows what that means) and I think that the pure fact of the mess is stressing me out a bit, thus giving me problems sleeping.
  5. Spend a couple of hours, at least, at the library each night, since I have an exam on thursday and I belive that might be stressing me out a bit as well.
  6. Cut down on the FB games (I know I say that each time, they are just so damn addictive though) and read a book or do some knitting in front of the telly instead.
  7. Be happy about how awesome my life is!

I hope this will work! I need more sleep, seriously, a couple of hours a night is definitely not enough!

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Happiness is…

…when you go digging through your freezer and find ice-cream you didn’t know you had!Ice Cream

I might have had some sprinkles and fudge sauce sitting around as well…