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Göteborg Book Fair

One of the absolute highlights of the year is the Gotham City book fair, so we can all pretend that I went home this weekend in order to celebrate the birthdays of mother dearest and the plastic uncle – it had nothing to do with the fact that the book fair was on! Promise!Waiting for the bus

I think that we had the earliest start ever this year (except for all the years I worked there, either for my dad or for the cafes) as we wanted to go and see an old classic radio show in action. This is childhood memories at it’s best, as every Saturday morning for as long as I can remember the show called Melodikrysset has been on. Basically it’s a radio crossword puzzle based on music and fun for the whole family.Live radio The puzzle Coffe

After solving the puzzle we started the tour of the magical land of books, books and more books. Unfortunately Saturday morning is the most popular time to go visit the fair and I’m allergic to too many people so we didn’t stay for that long. However I managed to score some real nice stuff before we left;

Starting with a book about 100 historical myths, I find history fascinating so this will be interesting, I might share the most interesting facts with you.Book

Then moving on to those nice little offers that they put up at the fair. Last year two reporters were freed from an African prison where they had been imprisoned when writing on an article for one of my favorite mags. Of course they wrote a book about it and this was on offer together with three numbers of the magazine. So not only did I get a book and an issue of the magazine, there will be two more arriving in my mailbox later this year (and yeah there was a little tote with it as well).Mag, book and bag


Passing by the youth section they had this book on sale;Book (2)It’s called The Book Thief and is about a young girl in Nazi Germany that steals books from the nazis, saving them from being burnt. It was just something about the story that captured my attention and I’m looking forward to reading it. Who cares that it’s for youths? I find quite often that youth books work real good for adults as well, maybe it’s good with a reminder of how it was to be a teenager.

The fair always have a cheap book corner as well, where you can find books for absolutely nothing. I will admit that you need to go through plenty of sad little books before you find something interesting. This year I found a cook book that is all about cooking simple dishes on things that you have at home. It is a bit outdated, however there was some real nice ideas in there.Cookbook

On out way out we walked past one of the new book magazines, I’ve read one of their issues before but decided that I liked the one that arrive in my home every other month better, but who can resist a good deal? This one offered two numbers, a book and some very strange tasting tea, What I really wanted was the book, so I took my chance – and yeah there was another tote in there as well.Mag, bag, tea and book

All in all, I am very pleased with what I came home with. Now all I have to do is find the time to read them all, together with the books already piled up at home as well as the course literature. I have a plan though!


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