The Swedish goddess affordable meals

The Swedish Goddess lazy dinner

I was sitting late at the office today (that feels so nice to be able to say) and as I got hungrier and hungrier I was trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner. I hate days when you are real hungry but not really in the mood for anything, the best solution is just leaving it up for the store and today I got lucky. One of my favorite spots is the counter with short date meat, you know the one you need to eat straight away because it’s on its last date and there I found a nice big chunk of pork chops for absolutely no money what so ever.Cheap meat

All I then had to do was cut into slices, pour some fries out of a bag and go dig in my cupboards to find some crushed tomatoes.The dinnerWith some salt and pepper on the meat, I just leave it in the oven for as long as the instructions on the bag of fires say. While that is cooking away I finely chop the onions and add to a pot with some melted butter.The onionsThen I add the crushed tomatoes, this kind come with a chili taste. I really like these pre-spiced crushed tomatoes, they really make cooking easy. I still add some black pepper and other spices depending on what mood I am in.Onion and crushed tomatoesThen I let the mix putter away on the stove while waiting for the meat and potatoes to finish in the oven. About twenty minutes after starting (based on a pre-heated oven), dinner is ready to be eaten. Perfect!The meal

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