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Something has to be done

So after being unemployed for a long time, I moved on to being a full-time student and just for the fun of it I added a part-time job in to the mix. Based on my past, I’m still not that busy and I have plenty of spare time, it’s just that I went from zero to two hundred percent in no time and I seem to have serious problems adjusting.

The biggest problem I have, and according to me it’s a pretty big one, is sleeping. I’ve spent so many months being awake to well after midnight without issue, so now I can’t fall asleep in time. Once I do sleep, I sleep well, it’s just that I can’t sleep half the day away (some days anyhow) so I just don’t get the sleep I need. That have impact on the rest of my life, as I can’t do things to the best of my ability because of the lack of sleeping.

I feel like I lost the ball in most areas of my life, as I’m not in control (and for a control freak, that is pretty important) and I think that the first and biggest step towards getting back on track is to sort out my sleeping habits. I’m not 100% sure on how to do that, so any tip or recommendation is more than welcome, However, I feel it’s time for another seven, so here goes – seven things I’ll try to do this week in order to get some normal sleeping habits;

  1. Have a proper dinner each night, around six o’clock and then no more eating for the rest of the night. I have heard that eating close to bedtime makes it harder to sleep. Oh well, maybe some snacks as well after that (only putting that in because I’m going to Gotham and I know that there will be snacks available in mothers home). If you are lucky this means that there will be Swedish Goddess postings this week, yey!
  2. Set the alarm for one hour earlier than the time I really have to get up, and go for a morning walk togheter with some nice hot coffee. It might be an issue on Tuesday morning though as there is a small hurricane warning, so mabe I can manage some yoga instead that day.
  3. No coffee after four o’clock! (think that might speak for itself)
  4. Try to get on top of my household chores, it’s messier than usual at home (and those who know me well knows what that means) and I think that the pure fact of the mess is stressing me out a bit, thus giving me problems sleeping.
  5. Spend a couple of hours, at least, at the library each night, since I have an exam on thursday and I belive that might be stressing me out a bit as well.
  6. Cut down on the FB games (I know I say that each time, they are just so damn addictive though) and read a book or do some knitting in front of the telly instead.
  7. Be happy about how awesome my life is!

I hope this will work! I need more sleep, seriously, a couple of hours a night is definitely not enough!

3 thoughts on “Something has to be done

  1. Try drinking a cup of chamomile tea (or some other decaf warm drink) before going to bed. You could also try showering with warm water and going straight to bed. Both should help you fall asleep as your body cools down.
    Also no tv/phone/blinking alarm clock or anything with light in your bedroom as that, no matter how small the light tells your brain to wake up.
    Meditation is also good to clear your mind.
    Good luck!


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