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Something I didn’t write on my seven list for this week, but something I want to do is post at least one post a day. I miss the blog you see, and it’s no fun at all to be too tired to finish a post – I have several drafts that have been started but never completed 😦

This morning I’m finding myself on another early morning train;


After what I found was a less than satisfactory result on my Saturday activities I decided to drown my sorrows on the other side of the bridge. For some reason, on dark Sunday night’s, postponing the trip home to Monday morning always seem like a good idea – never so on Monday morning when I have to get up at 7 am to make it to work or class. Thank god for coffee!


This morning it’s work, I got three days of nine to five work ahead of me, really looking forward to that as I believe it will give me some routine that can help me sleep. It might even make me feel normal, because I have to admit that I’m over this studying thing and would kill for a full-time job.

Silly really, much always want more!

Now I’ll enjoy the rest of ny train ride in the company of a good companion;


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