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Who cares about those plans anyhow?

My plan for Friday was to spend the whole day on the couch watching TV doing nothing, because I had the day off – no work, no school! It didn’t really happen that way. I slept late, had breakfast and pretty much landed on the couch before it was time for lunch and a walk.Lunch Walking

It was a nice lunch, and a nice walk, however it took us late into the afternoon. Once I got back on the couch it was planning time. Our hockey team is playing Sunday and I had to figure out if it was anyway I could get home after the game ended, and if I could we then needed to sort out a ticket for me. Said and done, I found a bus that left Gotham in good time after the game (there is room for overtime and penalties even), so now I’m going on a bus between my two cities for the first time ever!

The tickets in the area were my mum usually sits weren’t available online, so we went to the stadium to get one, and we did, so yey hockey on Sunday! On our way home my sister calls for a chat and when she realizes that we are in the car she wonders if we can stop by the shop and bring something over – since we have the best mummy in the world, we did! I then ended up staying at my sisters for a few hours, mum was studying anyhow and my sister was husbandless for the evening.

It was fun, a proper girls night with dancing, dress-up and snacks. Having nieces that are no longer babies are quite fun.

I didn’t get back to the couch until a bit after eight in the evening, just in time for Fredags Mys (explained here) and then the rest of the evening on the couch.Fredags Mys

So seriously, why do I even bother to plan? (But was a real nice day!!!)

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