The reason behind it all

It is very seldom I head up to Gotham for no reason at all, usually there’s a birthday, Christmas or the like – this time there was a 10k race to be run. It should have been the last leg in the Gotham Classic that me and my brother-in-law started this spring with some biking, however since I didn’t manage the swimming earlier this year the race today is now my first session out of three.

I can’t say that I have been practicing that well for this race, think I ran about 3k a few weeks ago, but when you managed a half marathon like I did last year, you can do anything – so this is how happy once looks right before the race is about to start;

BeforeAs usual I turned my Endomondo on to know how slow I was running and keep track of how far I gotten, and once again it doesn’t agree with the people setting the track, I did run 10k’s I promise!

RunningBeing out in the Gotham woods brought me back to the good old days when I was competing in Orienteering, which is why it’s so surprising that I can forget that Gotham has something that Malmö doesn’t; hills! I think that I mentioned the same after the biking in the spring. It is a big difference to run 10k’s on flat ground compared to hills. Another thing that someone so seasoned in Gotham woods in the fall like I am should remember, is to bring a change of shoes for when done. It was wet and muddy today.


I managed to get around, in a time that is acceptable for me, and was met by cheers and happy faces as I approached the goal. I even got to high-five my oldest niece, while her dad and my awesome mum was cheering, one of the best ways of being met!

GoalAt around 7k I got extreme cravings for McDonald’s, and my family was more than happy to accommodate me in this endeavour. I guess that the body wanted some energy refill and recognizes the quick and easy way of doing this with a Big Mac 🙂

RefillThis did not fill me up for the rest of the day. After some slow-time and a long hot bath at home, me and mother dearest headed into town so we could celebrate that she spent the morning sitting an exam as well as the fact that I survived my run. And what is the best way to celebrate? Bubbles of course!

BubblyThe bubbles were followed by an awesome dinner with a nice cheese dessert and some of the best service I had in a very long time. If you ever pass by Gotham I strongly recommend that you head for dinner at restaurant TvåKanten, good food and good service is da shit!

Dinner CheeseTomorrow is going to be another intense day before I’m heading back south, and it’s going to be though as I’m walking around like an old lady. Who ever say exercise is good for you, I don’t belive them, I’m in pain!

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