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More sevens

I would say that I did fairly good at last weeks sevens, and since I seem to be getting back into it, why not another one?

  1. Set the alarm and get up at seven am Monday to Friday, and try for those morning activities again (didn’t work to well last week but what the heck).
  2. Write a letter, I think I have a few unanswered ones from the beginning of the year, better late than never.
  3. Do 10k’s of exercise, that would be running, biking, walking or swimming and it doesn’t have to be in one go.
  4. Do something new! Speaks for it self I think.
  5. Be a good student, think I might have been slacking a bit over the last couple of weeks.
  6. Update the blog once a day, it doesn’t have to be anything big just a small one so that you guys know I’m still around.
  7. Work towards neatness in my home.

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