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Sunday fun day!

Sunday started slow, which was very good as I couldn’t, or can’t, really move that well after yesterdays escapades. I guess that is how old people feel. Alas the peace was not to last; due to future plans made my grandmother decided to celebrate her birthday this weekend, so that the whole family could join. This means a few hours in the company of my sister, brother-in-law, the two Duracell bunnies also called nieces, mother dearest and of course grandmother.

As usual, grandmother set a lovely table with an amazing salmon dish with a proper cake for dessert.

Farmor Farmor (2)

Once all the food, cake and coffee was partaken me and mother jumped into the car to make it on time for the hockey game. I love being back in Gotham City when the hockey is on and I’m able to make it to the game. Malmö has a team, they are just not as good and I can’t claim that many hockey interested friends down here.

Hockey Hockey (4)

I might have been a bit distracted while watching the game as well, the lovely Miss T was running the New York Marathon today, so I constantly checked her progress on my phone. And the girl did awesome, and I’m very proud of her, she did a fab job!

Screenshot_2013-11-03-17-31-10 Screenshot_2013-11-03-18-45-25 Screenshot_2013-11-03-19-51-59

This evening we also got a taste of the ice show you will be able to see daily at Liseberg when they open for christmas, and for you that don’t know what Liseberg is; it’s one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe and the green bunny is their mascot. If nothing else, the show puts you in a real good mood. And so does your team winning the game.

Hockey (2) Hockey (3)

And a good thing that was, as due to the game I opted for the bus home since the last train would have made me miss the end of the game. However the bus was packed with people and the promised wi-fi and power outlets were nowhere to be seen, so a tad bit grumpiness came upon me.

The bus

I think I counted out that in all the years that my sister lived in Malmö, added to all the years that I have lived in Malmö, this was the first time ever that I took the bus. I wont say that I never will take the bus again because if the choice stands between the train and a hockey game+bus, the hockey will win every time! And apparently the bus doesn’t have to stick to its time schedule since we left early from a couple of cities and made it home 20 minutes before planned arrival, so it’s not all bad.

Now I’m enjoying a cup of chamomile tea trying to wind down a bit before hitting the sack, need to be fresh and ready for a full day of student life tomorrow – not!

And thank you mum for an awesome weekend, already looking forward to the next time we get to hang!

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