15 years down the line

One would think that fifteen years is enough time to put something behind oneself, I realized today that maybe it’s not, or maybe I’m just super sensitive. During my lunch with two of my (favorite?!?) classmates yesterday one of them mentioned that there was a well made documentary about one of Sweden’s more tragic moments, available.

The documentary is made by one of Sweden’s state radio channels, and I am a big fan of their documentaries, they have a good selection of random things that you never heard of, uncomfortable subjects that you don’t get to learn about in school and just pure interesting subjects that you want to hear more about.

The tragic moment was a fire at a party in 1998, the party was in Gotham City not far from where I grew up. More than once I have thanked my lucky star for being in London when the fire happened, for more than one reason. It was though to be that “far” away finding out what happened, since that time we took the ferry rather than a plane we had a 24 hour trip home out of cellphone range. It was long 24 hours and the Gotham that we came home to was a totally different city.

Much have happened since then, both for me, Gotham City and the country of Sweden, still this fire is something that is never far from my mind and now almost on the day (the night between the 29th and 30th of October) 15 years later, it appears that I’m not the only one that still remembers.

Still, when I tuned into the documentary today I wasn’t expecting my own emotional reaction to it, so many memories came back of that time, the people who are no longer with us, the people who was left behind, the people who were there.

The documentary is from 2008, ten years after the fire, it’s now a five-year old documentary. I have a feeling that five years from now, or fifteen years from now, that moment in time will still bring back the same emotions, feelings and sense of gratitude for not being that, for not having to have to live through that, will return.

15 years is a long time, it’s also a very short time.

For those of you that can understand Swedish the documentary can be found here. For the rest of you;

Remember that we never know what tomorrow will bring, take care of the ones you care about, remember to tell them that they matter. Think of what you want to do, then do it, don’t postpone things your really want to achieve or do for another day, because we never know if that other day will arrive.

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