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There are Monday mornings and then there are Monday mornings

One could have better starts to the week than doing a typical Carolina, i.e. turning off the alarm in her sleep. Admittedly it took a while before I managed to wind down enough to be able to fall asleep last night so I had about four hours of sleep when the alarm went off.

This didn’t bode well for the sevens, as I had a 9:15 class to attend so that I could be a good student, at 8:41 I jumped out of bed, got the coffee going and rushed through the morning absolution before running out the door. A few things happened here;

– I remembered to bring a book to read on the long ten minute train ride to school.

– I remembered that I had to renew my monthly pass before getting on the train.

– I forgot to bring my cellphone – the end of the world had arrived!

The plan for the day was to stay in Lund all day since I also had a 3pm class. Could I really do that without the phone? I couldn’t measure my k’s for the day since I use the phone for that. I couldn’t take pictures for the blog since I use the phone for that. I didn’t have a clue about what was going on in the world because I use my phone for that. Not at any point did I worry about not being able to call or reached by phone, I mean, who use their phone for that?

Sitting in class, I wrote this by hand listening to the lecturer with half an ear trying to decide if I was going to go home or not after class. Because what made this a proper Monday morning was the fact that the sky opened up and starting to pour down freezing cold rain the moment I got on the bike, reminding me that I also had forgotten gloves and a hat in my rush out the door.

I still have hopes for the rest of the week though!

˜° °˜

It turned out to be a three-hour class, not two like the normal ones (something I would’ve known if I had my phone), it was still raining when class ended and a couple of my classmates were heading out for lunch so I tagged along rather than going home. I can manage a whole day without my phone! After lunch we went for coffee and I made my classmate, the lovely Lady D, take a picture of it so at least I could give you peeps one of those.


When we got out of class at five it was pitch dark and still raining so I headed straight home, where I have been passed out on the couch ever since. Which might explain why I’m still awake right now! I will set two different times on the alarm for tomorrow morning, first one for the wish list time and one for when I have to be up in order to make it to work on time.

Lets hope for a Tuesday more in the lines of what I want it to be, however, the time right now is 01:17am, any bets on me being up at seven?

3 thoughts on “There are Monday mornings and then there are Monday mornings

    1. A small tip would be to start blogging before chasing people to follow the blog. Personally I chose to follow blogs that I enjoy reading on a regular basis, I don’t believe in following a blog or a person for the sake of following. Just the way I see it though, and good luck with the blogging once you get started.


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