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The Swedish goddess little meal of luxury

Even when you are on a budget, you deserve a little bit of luxury every now and then, when I arrived to the grocery store at the train station today and saw their discounted meats I decided that this was one of those days. They had real nice pork meat on sale, as well as bacon and then some other stuff accidentally fell into the shopping basket as well.The food

The meal itself became pork medallions with fresh pasta filled with cheese and spinach with a green salad on the side. Super quick and easy so if it wasn’t for the price (about 35sek per serving) this would the ultimate Swedish Goddess dish.

Starting with making a salad by pouring the bag of pre-washed lettuce mix into a bowl, cut some cucumber and tomato to add to it. Top of with some salt, pepper and lemon olive oil.

SaladBefore cutting the meat, I put a pot filled with salted water on the stove so it could start preparing for the boil. Then I pulled out the chunk of meat, time to see if I did the right estimation in the store, I was hoping for four servings;

Loads of meatI got five! Yay, me. Once the meat is cut, fry it quickly in a hot pan, to long and it gets dry, to short and some people freak out about the pinkness. Hopefully, the bubbles have now arrived in the pot and you can pour the pasta in, usually fresh pasta needs between three and five minutes. Then hep, ready to serve;

The dinner



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