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Slow day today

Or maybe not that slow, just not that interesting for most of you. I had a full day of work today, and the day just flew by as I was totally focused on the excel sheet in front of me. Not sure that many people understand my love for excel, calculations, formulas and macros, or how I with joy can work on one spreadsheet for a full day – well today it ended up being six different sheets in the end. I think that the best part of this specific excel book is that it’s kind of an add-on, I’m not making it for the person that I have been rented in to the company to support – i.e. I get to show of my amazing skills to more people in the company and in turn that increases possibility for extension of my contract.

I finally today also remembered to turn on my Endomondo in my chase for the 10k’s of moving for this week, I can pretty much figure out the bits from earlier this week. By the looks of it, I don’t think I will have any problems meeting my 10k’s so I’ll probably put a tougher goal for myself.

Bike one Bike two

For now, I should be writing a speech for class tomorrow, not doing so well. The whole idea of topic of your choice is horrible, when you have the whole world at your feet it is almost impossible to pick one tiny little thing to argue for, so the speech writing in it self is not an issue, it’s choosing what to talk about! I’m sure I will get there sooner or later though, or I guess it’s already later so I should be getting there any moment now.

Oh well! Another fun day to look forward to tomorrow, it’s Thursday so we all know what that means; quiz night! Whoop, whoop!

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