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Lets talk about apples

A big jump since my last post (so much for something small everyday) where I think I left you guys with the excitement of me needing to make a small speech for school. I fell asleep instead and had to sort it all out in the morning right before, and beginning of, class; I swear I suck at being a student. Anyhow, the topic ended up being apples where I argued that red apples are better than green, and not talking about the bloodsugar fall I got during the speech my lovely classmates were kind to me and gave me nice feedback (right now I’m supposed to be writing an evaluation of my own speech, thus finally you get a post, funny how that works).


It’s kind of funny because when I was sitting on the train back to Malmö after the class, I read this one;


snow-white and her apple was a part of my speech! How it happens sometimes.

Well, after class it was straight back to work, where I’m getting quite popular and starting to feel real busy, thus this awesome lunch stood uneaten on my desk for over an hour before I could sit down and eat it, yey workaholic me is returning.


I actually ended up staying at work until seven-thirty before jumping on the bike, heading home for a quick dinner before heading back out for quiz night. Since I arrive at the quiz pretty much when it starts, the phone stays in my pocket (don’t want to be accused of cheating) so I don’t have any pictures of it. Will see if I can sort some out Thursday, if I have time to go that is. I realized today that the calm week I though I was having isn’t really that calm, so Thursday night might have to be spent on writing a paper on Cicero. We’ll see!

Update, I did actually take one pic at the quiz, and Instagramed it;


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