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What happened to Friday?

I was a fairly good girl on Thursday and came home in a fairly good time, which was good since I had work Friday morning. Still, I might have been a tad tired because I forgot half of my lunch at home (pasta in white sauce with meatballs without the meatballs aren’t that great) so you wont get a picture of it. Still I had so much fun at work that it was real hard to drag myself out of there to go to class.

Then I was supposed to go straight home from class and chill, since me and Miss T had plans for Saturday night, which you who follow my twitter might have noticed. It was just that after a long hard week, finished of by a genus discussion on the Friday afternoon my body and soul was craving a nice glass of red wine. That glass might have ended up being two, and then I might have tagged along to one of my classmates afterworks. But then I was really going home to my couch and do nothing.Wine

I was on my couch doing nothing, I had my sweatpants on and was knitting when someone might have talked me into leaving that couch and changing out of those sweatpants. It might have happened that I biked over to one of my classmates place to do even more socializing, that might have happened.

At least, when those classmates went out to some place I went home! That happened for real!

(think I should watch that speech of mine now, so I can write how great I did, send it of and hit bed, long day at work tomorrow)

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