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Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

There was good cause for bubbles this past Saturday, Miss T managed to complete the New York marathon in good style as I did my 10k race. After a rather chill morning at home the chase for a restaurant begun, who would have thought that pretty much every restaurant in Malmö would be booked this one Saturday night, it appears that they were. When we finally found one with a table available, you do wonder why they do. Miss T had visited the place before and vouched that the food would be good, so the decision was made.

Before we headed for dinner though, we stopped by Bastard, which only servers brains and the like so we had no interest in eating there, for some bubbles;

BubblesThe restaurant of choice(?) was a Tapas place that I sadly forgotten the name of, and as Miss T is a responsible grown-up she is in bed sleeping this close to one am on a school night, so I can’t ask her. Sadly enough the food pictures didn’t turn out that great so all you get is my half eaten goat cheese and a filo role, this stuff was so good though that we had seconds;

Rest - FoodWith this we of course enjoyed a lovely bottle of Shiraz;Rest - WineAnd what good dinner is complete without a yum, yum cappuccino (note, for those of you that don’t know all about my coffee addiction you can find some of it here).

Rest - CoffeeImpressively enough we could move after all the food we ate, and I am a firm believer that a brisk bike ride after dinner only can be good for you. This bike ride took us to yet another restaurant, here the kitchen was closed, that Miss T have been wanting to check out for a while. And guess what! Even a solid meat restaurant can serve up some nice bubbles;

Bubbles (2)The rest of the night then just kept on being with some interesting choices of yum absolutely non-alcoholic drinks;

Mojitos Mohiots Mojitos (2) WaterA proper girls night out on a Saturday night – check!

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