7 Things

How did I do?

There was no new sevens this week, I think I might be trying to ask too much of myself, not in the actually doing the stuff, but remember what I said I would and report back on it. On the other hand, I think I do better when I do make myself report back on the things I say I do. It’s just that work, school and life have to come first.

So last week’s sevens, what did I say?

1. Getting up at 7am, the joke of the year, not sure what I was thinking. As it is I have sleeping issues, so the goal is to manage as much sleep as I can so that I can manage my days.

2. Write a letter, should have been easily done, even so I didn’t get around to it. If I don’t have the time, I don’t have the time, guess there’s no reason to give myself extra guilt for things not done.

3. 10ks of excercise, this one turned out to be too easy, with 1,36k each way to work, working for days of the week, then the walking to and from the station in Lund, 0,5k each, that’s 12k only there. Next time I should probably check my facts beforehand. At least I know I get a decent dose of exercise every week.

4. Do something new, well, I did! I went to a new restaurant, actually at least three of them. That counts!

5. Be a good student. I think I was, might have been a tad late for a couple of classes, better late than never though. Did fairly good in  the speaking and discussions. I give myself a pass.

6. Update the blog once a day. Worked until Thursday, I have caught up now. Not the same, I know. I noticed that every time I try to push it, it doesn’t work. At least I’m back to more regularly blogging and that feels good. Like I knew it would.

7. Work towards neatness…hmm…maybe?!?

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