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Making my coffee this morning I noticed that I was getting a bit low and realized that it was time for another run to the grocery store pretty soon. During my day at work I thought of some more items that needed to be re-stocked and thus I decided to be a good girl and head straight from work to the shop (we all know what happens if one go home first, absolutely nothing), and so I did.

I then came home with my plastic bag, since I didn’t think of bringing my proudly imported from New Zealand shopping bag;

With me home I had laundry detergent, olive oil, milk, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, sliced cheese for my toasties, frozen fries, lettuce for the dinner I’m not eating, butter. All (almost) stuff that I needed because I’d run out or plainly needed re-stocking. Can you see what is missing from that list?

Exactly, I didn’t bring back home any coffee! Yesterday I checked the arrivals instead of departures when needing to find out what track my train was leaving for. So guys, thinking that this might not be the best of weeks. How’s yours going?

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