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Hiding underneath the cover

Don’t we all have the days where we just want to pull the cover over our heads and not move, just stay in the warm comfort of the bed because life is just not in an awesome place. I had one of those days today.

I had plans for the day (don’t I always) to continue with the mummy is coming for a visit mission before heading to class in the afternoon. It’s just that when I woke up I felt so sad, like a big chunk of sadness just made its home in me. With no energy or wish to do anything at all, I decided to have a metaphorical day hiding underneath the covers. Really it contained of a two-hour long bath, trying to relax and figure out the reason for the sadness, relaxation wise it worked, sadness wise it didn’t.

The rest of the time has pretty much been doing nothing at all, thinking, drinking coffee and watching telly. The brightest moment of the day must have been when work called me and asked if I could come in earlier than planned tomorrow, which I can, because I’m needed. Sadly enough that gave me a boost.

Still feeling sad, without being able to put my finger on the specifics. Considering taking myself out for dinner to see if that makes the mood any better, and remembering that there are only two sleeps left until mother dearest arrive – and we always have a real great time!

4 thoughts on “Hiding underneath the cover

  1. I have many days like that. I think it’s starting to become a problem. I’m glad you had the time today to just relax and try not to be sad. It’s a good thing you didn’t have tons to do today and have to deal with all that while sad!


    1. If there are too many of them I really think you should try and do something about it, my recommendation would be cognitive therapy!

      It was awesome to be able to just take the day off without feeling too guilty about it, even if I would have wanted to attend the class.

      I did manage the perfect ending as well, with ordering out some dinner delivered to my door. I did feel so much better this morning!


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