When life sucks

One big load of self pity coming right up!

I had great plans for this weekend, I have been looking forward to it like a kid looks forward to Christmas for quite some time now. And what happens? I get sick!!!

Tonight I was supposed to have my fabulous clothe switching party, I invited a bunch of my friends to bring the clothes they don’t wear anymore and then we all switch. With this there was supposed to be some wine or beer and just a nice chill evening. Since I’m pretty much passed out on the couch with a fever, feeling generally shit, this will not happen. And seriously, I am feeling real sorry for myself right now! I wanted to have a nice evening with my friends, not get dead tired from walking between the couch and the bathroom! Seriously no fun at all!

Tomorrow morning I was going to meet my sister and her family at the airport when they arrive home from a two-week vacation. I was looking forward to see them again, if only for just a little while. I doubt that is going to happen. I will just have to stay on the couch and rest, with the hope that come Monday I will be feeling well enough to go to class and work!

Until then I will just continue feeling totally sorry for myself and the fun that I’m missing out on right now!

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