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The Green Lion – Fish n’ Chips

Tonight the Fish n’ Chips challenge moved to Sweden, Malmö to be more exact, and the night contained a newbie named Mini Me Jr and none of the old classics. Something about busy life style and not able to come all the way over the bridge, oh well, lets see what happens in January.

For you people who are new to the blog, there is a history here, for a couple of years me and my friends did our best to find the most awesome Fish n’ Chips in Copenhagen. Since the owner of this blog no longer work over there and actually live here life in Malmö the chase has moved to, you guessed it, Malmö. Tonight was the first night of plenty of at least I will get food evenings.

The Bar

I will give the dude behind the bar an A for effort when I asked him what beer goes best with the fish, unfortunately his answer was Newcastle wich I drink at Quiz nite and was not in the mood for. Instead he suggested this;

The beer we drankIt was a nice beer, unfortunately I had too much time to enjoy it before the food arrived (here pictured way before the food arrived);

YumWe timed the whole thing and we were in and out in less than an hour, and most of that time was spent waiting for the food too arrive. And unfortunately, there wasn’t that much food on the plate. The awesome plating does take some away from that, it looks like way more food than was actually there;

The foodLove the touch with the old fashioned newspaper wrapping. It’s sad that the fish tasted like it’s been frozen and re-heated to quickly with all the watery juices making the from the beginning so crispy batter way to soggy. The chips were proper chips, but again tasting out of a bag. There was no crisp when you bit into them, as they were soft with no crunch what so ever.

Miss Mini Me Jr got to try here first green pea mush ever, and her plain comment was that it tasted like pea. The tartare sauce tasted like mayo only wich caused low grades from both me and mini me Jr as none of us like mayo.

I cleaned of my plate;

I ate it allSadly enough this is not a good thing since I’m a real small eater, and if I finish it all it means that the meal is too small. For a 243sek total I have to say it was a bit of a disapointment.

The price

At the same time, I am constantly told that there are no nice Fish n’ Chips in Malmö, so who knows, this might actually be the best one. Only time will tell!

ScooooooreAnd just so that you know, when the place is busy, the music is loud enough for you to find it annoying but not loud enough to hear what it is. When the people clear out, it’s not actually that bad!