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Italian food the Italian way

I have a colleague from Italy, stuck in Sweden without family and friends, that invited me over for proper Italian food tonight. And boy was it good!

Yum pasta with a nice glass of red, and dessert, in the company of a grown-up.






Only damper on the evening was the bus that left one minute early and since I refuse to stand in the cold for 15 minutes I got a lovely 25 minute walk home. And are of course up past my bedtime again!

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A very painful lesson learned

You know how, as a kid, your parents told you to watch where you were going? They have a point! This morning I wanted to go for a walk, I also wanted to check my phone at the same time, that meant that I in no way was looking where I was going and tripped over something, face first, hard! I am now in plenty of pain and my whole day is kind of ruined because I have some problems moving, because it hurts! I hit my knee, my hand of course trying to break my fall, and my chin. How on earth I managed to scrape the chin I don’t know, however I managed it.

Hand Knee Chin

Lesson learned, no more walking and playing with the phone at the same time…Endomondo will have to be started before I start walking, the radio needs to be started before I start walking!

I will now spend the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself, and hoping that the pain will be a little less painful so I can bike to the store for my weekly shopping session.

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One of my biggest problems is holding on to my money, I am very much a spender in that way. The problem with being a spender that goes down in income, is that there is less to spend than before, surprisingly enough! Since I also started of the year by blowing my budget totally with a trip to Thailand (no regrets!) I am now in a situation where I don’t really have an option – I just have to stick to budget!

In order to stick to budget, you have to make a budget, and since today is payday I made one last night. It’s a though one for me, not too though as a budget has to be realistic otherwise it will never work.

BudgetI have been kind to myself, my Fish n’ Chip sessions are included as a monthly expense, as well as the book club, two expenses I very well would be able to live with out, but hey, what is life if you don’t live a little. I just had to scale down on the budget for groceries a bit, that on the other hand give me a challenge when it comes to cooking good food with variation, and I never back off from a challenge so it should work out well. As you can see above there is a Leisure post as well, that includes a couple of birthdays (one of them happens to be mine), I don’t think that my friends and family should have to suffer the lack of my company because I felt the need of going to Thailand, right?

Technically I shouldn’t need that much more money, as my life is pretty much just eat, sleep, work and study. What I really need to keep up with is my home-cooked food, as lunches and dinners out are way too expensive, historically it’s been one of my biggest expenditures. I have done good this week, the first week, and as you all regulars in here know I’m always good in the beginning, compare more like a sprinter than a marathon runner, and then I slack of. This time I need to remember to pace myself as I’m still in week 1 of 156 weeks in total…I would call that a marathon if nothing else.

So the goal of the budget is that the little bars should remain green until next payday when it all starts over again. Wish me luck!


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A fab evening with the girls!

Life is moving in super speed at the moment, even though I have only been home for a couple of days, Thailand feels like a lifetime ago. A full day in school yesterday made me crash on the couch last night, today I had one class in the morning and then another in the afternoon, in between there were practicalities to be dealt with, like picking up the textbooks from the library, printing stuff and the likes. I did manage to go home for lunch before heading back for two more hours of bookkeeping.

Heading home after class, I had about ten minutes on the couch before heading out again. I will admit that I considered cancelling and just stay home to do my homework on catch up on my readings, I decided against it though. I missed out on the last book club session and was not in the mood to miss another one, especially since I managed to read the whole book this time. So of I went! And I’m glad I did, they are a fun bunch and there is also always loads to talk about – and I spoilt myself with a glass of wine as well (this is not money wasting, firstly there was room made for this night in the budget, secondly it is good for your soul to enjoy nice food, a glass of wine and awesome company). Tonight we met at a place called El Patio, that serve a mix of Spanish and Mexican food, we went there for the Spanish to align with the book we read, and I enjoyed two starters; a shrimp soup (more like shrimps in a thin sauce) and Nachos.Wine Shrimps Nachos The bar

Happy on the inside, and less suffering from the vacation blues, I headed home and did my homework for tomorrow. The reading will have to wait because it’s almost bedtime, a time that have moved from my normal 1am to 10pm in order to get up in time for my eight o’clock classes in the morning, guess my age is starting to catch up to me.

Hope you have had time for some soul caring as well, if not, make sure you just do it!

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Lunch fit for a student

Second day back as a student and the post vacation blues is heavy. It’s tough leaving the luxury life in the warmth fir cold dark Sweden on a minimal budget.

I am setting the tone for my life-to-be over the next three years now, that is ni wasting money, focus and prioritize studying while making sure a healthy lifestyle. Yesterday I brought a yummy bacon-chicken salad with me to school, all prepped on Sunday!

Today I have way too much time between my classes so I opted to home and eat.

Owen baked cod filet with potatoes and a small green salad, piece of cake.

Money wasted this far; none!

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Don’t forget peeps!

Today the exercise challenge start, it’s not too late to join!

There are five of us this far, and you find the challenge by clicking this link;

Good luck!