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Happy poo year!

New years eve this year was celebrated as it should, with a quiet (and brought in ready-made) dinner at home, nice wine, good company and early to bed. Well at least this year I managed to stay awake past midnight, something I failed completely last year.

The menu this year was a Lobster soup starter (and trust me it tasted better than it looks) with a lovely glass of white wine and bread.

wpid-shot_1388518162092.jpg wpid-shot_1388517807805.jpg wpid-shot_1388518182896.jpgMain course was meat and potatoes with a salad and yum, yum red wine;

wpid-shot_1388521885948.jpg wpid-shot_1388521549785.jpgAnd then the required trip down to the park at midnight to check out the fireworks and open that bottle of bubbly;

wpid-DSC_0153.jpg wpid-DSC_0152.jpg wpid-DSC_0157.jpgHappy 2014 peeps!

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