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I survived!

The build-up for this Christmas wasn’t easy, I had problems sleeping due to all the thoughts running around in my head about celebrating Christmas for the first time without my dad. On the day I was going home to Gotham I showed that I was the master of procrastination again, for every hour that passed I postponed the trip home with one more hour, why? For some reason I feel that if I don’t go home, he isn’t gone! If I just stay in Malmö, life is normal, like always, when I go home to Gotham and my mother’s home he’s just missing so much.

I did go home though, around six in the evening I finally got on a train, a very empty such. I was expecting a packed train, packed with people and Christmas gifts where it would be hard to find a seat. Instead I had two seats all two myself the whole trip home and could enjoy a nice lay-down.wpid-shot_1388068057383.jpg

Santa decided to be nice to me this year, and in the company of my mum, sister with family, granny and the plastic family I opened loads of great Christmas gifts, enjoyed nice food and a gross amount of candy. He wasn’t missed that much all the time, because as usual at Christmas you become so absorbed by Christmas that there’s no time.wpid-shot_1387905202077.jpg

I had one hectic week at home, I can’t believe that time can pass that quickly, but obviously it can. I arrived on the 21st, on the 22nd it was sausage and pate making as per usual. The 23rd I had to finish my Christmas shopping (why, oh why, do I never learn?!?), on the 24th there was Santa, food and family, on the 25th there was food and family at moms, on the 26th it was food and family at sisters;wpid-shot_1388069970948.jpg

On the 27th there was babysitting and friends visiting at moms, on the 28th there was hockey and on the 29th it was time to return home! One awesome week leading up to the end of the year 2013, a year that I’m very happy to leave behind me!


How was your Christmas peeps? Was Santa kind to you?

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