7 Things 2013

2013 where did you go?

Since the new year has begun it’s time to look back at the one that we just left behind, not sure there is much point to it really since when I wrote my 7 things to do for 2013 I had no idea that only 16 days later my dad would leave us. You can not plan for a year that starts out that way, it’s impossible because you become a different person while trying to deal with the loss. However, let’s have a look and see if I managed anything of the things I wanted for the year.

1. Have one project/challenge per month, no more, no less. Wow, did I even have projects and challenges this year? I can’t even remember, I guess I have to sit down and read my own blog to figure that one out…

2. Try and do something new each week. It started out well I think, in the beginning of the year I really tried to find new things, then I went travelling and I kind of figured that all I did was new, almost, and lost track of this. Then I came home and got into the unemployment groove where you really can’t be bothered doing anything, just changing out of your PJs’ is a big task. Amongst things to note though was a visit to the Mosque in Malmö;



3. Travel to one of the two continents that I haven’t been to. Travel I did, just not to anywhere new really, when the chock subsided a bit in February I made a very last-minute decision to leave, run away one might call it, to a place that I feel very comfortable with – the big down-under. I have my girls down there, the ones that I met back in the days when I live in New Zealand, and at that point in time all I needed was some good old comfort and my girls were right there for my, love you girls for it! I had a blast!

wpid-shot_1365317761169.jpg wpid-shot_1365494952114.jpg wpid-shot_1365055812135.jpg wpid-shot_1365039377762.jpg

4. Write at least one chapter on my book each month! Allow me to laugh, don’t know what I was thinking! Enough said for this one!

5. Finally get around to getting myself a driver’s license! I started, and I got quite far, then studying full-time and working part-time got in the way (oh dear, I have loads of excuses, don’t I?). Lets see what I can manage in 2014…time will tell.

6. This year I will put my self on a budget and follow it! I don’t understand why this is so hard! It’s gonna be on the list of 2014 as well, one day I will manage it (even though I might as well just admit to already blowing the Jan 2014 budget, more about that later).

7. Complete the Gothenburg Classic! Much to my own anger and disappointment, I didn’t manage it, I failed on the swimming. I’m not the one to give up though, so already signed up for the 2014 one. I will keep doing it every year until I completed it. I don’t care how many years it will take me!!

Da sexy chick!

I did manage a few things during 2013 though;

  • I found myself a new job, and got my contract extended from the first four months
  • I started studying again and made a whole bunch of new friends
  • I manage to survive on more than half of the income I had last year
  • I got accepted to the perfect education for me and will start that in 2014
  • I met my goal weight, and are finally happy with it (only took me like three years to get it back)
  • I have been happier than I thought I would be, and despite all, I will not think back on 2013 as the worst year in my life, there have been worse!

And if I would sit down and read through all the posts I made during 2013, I will see that I managed so much more. Hope your 2013 was satisfactory!

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