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A challenge is always helping!

How about joining me?

I find that some healthy competition is always good, especially when it comes to exercise! Therefor I have created a challenge on Endomondo (a tracking tool that you can download to your smartphone, it keeps track on how far you run, bike, walk etc) and invite you all to join.The monthly challenge

There are rules of course;

  1. The challenge starts on the 20th of January and goes to the 19th of February.
  2. No cheating! That is just no fun 🙂
  3. The only sports included are the ones listed in the picture above (running, cycling, walking, and swimming)

Other than that, anyone who wants to can join, all you have to do i click this link;

You win honor, mention on the blog and bragging rights 🙂

Are you game?


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