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Me and my trusted companion

Sitting at gate C32 at Copenhagen airport waiting for my flight to board, joined only by my trusted companion that travelled the world with me for ten years now;

I decided to travel lightly in this trip, that will take me to sunshine, warmth and cheap beer, so there’s no checked-in luggage, just me and my little backpack. I was also very happy as I left home, that I could leave the heavy winterboots behind and instead wear my “I can’t wear flip-flops then this is the next best thing” shoes, today I opted for the red ones.

Converse are awesome for leaving winter and going to summer, they just work at all times!

While waiting fot the flight I’m enjoying some dinner, could have eaten before I left that would’ve been cheaper, for some reason though, I had no food at home. Instead I’m chewing down some baby bite, spicy chicken toquito and a small Tuborg, curtsy the local 7-11.

I hope you won’t miss me too much, oh wait they have internet in Thailand as well, guess I might be blogging some sunny beach pictures over the day’s to come.

And oh yeah, Mr Burglar, no point of trying to break in. Not only is there nothing of value (unless you like dirty laundry and piles of old travel memories in the form of tickets and brochures), a friend of mine is crashing at my place while I’m gone please try to not scare the shit out of him!

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