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I’m not sure who has been most melancholic about the 16th over the past week, me or my friend about his 40th birthday. Thinking about it, I think it has been him, either way yesterday finally came and the celebrations as well. When I woke up the house was covered in Danish flags (the Danes do obsess a little about there flag at times).


After spending most of the day harassing the birthday boy about being real old (I mean 40 is real old), at six it was time to receive the guests with snacks;

And bubbly of course;

When the gift unwrapping was completed the whole party got in tuk tuk (I would say 7 is a max) heading to our restaurant for the evening, Mama Mia. An Italian restaurant that serves yum, yum food that pleases everyone, including me, especially when I get my steak and potato.


Other people got good for an army;

The restaurant was also kind enough to make a tiramisu birthday cake;

Finishing of with an avec and the grown-up part of the evening was over.

The non grown-up part wasn’t documented and will not be shared 🙂

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