Thailand 2014

The grumpy bumpy road home

All good things have to come to an end, right? So did my vacation!

It started with a short walk to the bus station so that I could get on the bus that would take me up to Bangkok.

The Bus home

The ride went super smooth, I read for a bit, fell asleep and then woke-up again when we just entered the outskirts of Bangkok. At the airport luggage drop-of, security and passport control were all a breeze. After making the usual duty-free shopping I sat down for a quick meal before boarding the train. Lesson learned on the way over, SAS doesn’t serve the best airplane food.Trip home - food

Boarding was done in a very smooth and easy fashion with the exception of two people who apparently couldn’t be bothered showing up in time. Due to their luggage being onboard the plane we weren’t able to leave on time and guess what happens then! In a busy airport like Bangkok you can wait for a long time, and you could hear the disappointment in the captains voice when he had to tell us that we missed our time slot and he had no idea when we could leave. As he was saying this the two last people entered the plane, and was forced to listen to the reason for us not knowing when to leave were all their faults. Any guesses on how many angry stares they got?Trip home - waiting to leave

About forty minutes later we could finally leave the gate, for me it wasn’t that bad as I had managed to fall asleep while waiting, the only issue was the temperature in the plane (something that was a big problem during the whole flight, one minute freezing cold, then to hot), many sweaty people together makes a smell.

I managed to sleep most of the flight, except for when waking up from the turbulence, we had loads of it, kind of like falling asleep on a rollercoaster only waking of for the big down-hill stretches – interesting. Sometimes I also woke up from sweating profusely or shaking of cold. Lots of sweater on, sweater of, blanket on, blanket of moments.Trip home - brekkie

I took a big gamble on this trip, with my past I don’t think many would’ve, I however like some excitement in my life so I checked in my bag with winter jacket and shoes in it. If this would have been my tenth delayed luggage, it would have been a very cold trip home from the airport. This time the gamble worked and my luggage came without too long of a wait. Going through customs without issue, getting dressed in warmer clothes and getting a train ticket took me to the platform four minutes before the train was to depart. Have a feeling that the travel gods felt sorry for me having to leave warm sunny Thailand for cold dark Sweden and made life easy for me.

Now I’m home with the post-vacation blues, not wanting to be home at all, just want to go back, and struggling to stay awake until tonight!

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